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Utility Rebate Services

Energy & Maintenance Services (EMS) Segment stands as the solution to lighting and electrical needs for the Property Managment, Building Maintenance, and Energy Services markets. Supported by multiple locations within the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions, the EMS Segment is dedicated to providing its customers with Systems, Solutions, and Services in a growing marketplace.


  • Facility energy survey & audit
  • Product specialization
  • Savings analysis
  • Managed lighting upgrades programs available
  • Locally stocked inventory
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Skilled personnel with an intimate knowledge of your market:
    • Commerical
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial
    • Government
    • Recycling
  • You will receive unsurpassed attention, service, and selection


  • The EMS Segment is ready to partner with our customers to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting, while significantly reducing building operating cost
  • CapitalTristate will coordinate professional designs, energy audits and payback analyses as will as offer solutions for installation, disposal, and finance options
  • Our lighting experts will give you the best possible light source for yor particular task, while focusing attention to long-term maintenance costs, resulting in higher quality lighting with reduced maintenance costs per square foot


  • Complete line of lighting and electrical products for ONE-STOP SHOPPING
  • We cost effectively select products and services by providing product cross references, on-site evaluations, and new product demonstrations
  • Our knowledgeable specialists will provide you with product specifications, pricing, availability, configuration, and technical support easily and quickly
  • Our specialists work with your team as partners to create the most cost effective system solutions

For more information, email EMS@capitaltristate.com