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E-Commerce: Serving Your Need for Speed and More!

Mobile apps and ordering online have expanded and quickened the pace of business, providing products and excellent customer service at the click of a button.

CapitalTristate.com offers E-commerce to account holders specifically because our customers are entitled to the advantages presented when using this exciting tool to satisfy their business needs. E-Commerce is stacked with benefits!

Perks of E-Commerce and How It Impacts Business:

Order online before 7pm and get delivery the next day. No one needs to drive to a local CapitalTristate branch to pick up materials, enabling you to more efficiently make use of employees.

You can specify the delivery location to be a jobsite or your shop address; an essential time saving step, if you're a busy contractor working at multiple locations. Let our truck bring it to where you need it, when you need it!

With easy re-order, quick order cut-and-paste, and specific shopping lists customized to your company's needs and wants, you are assured the right material is ordered, in the right quantity, at the right price, all at your fingertips!

Are you a direct customer that performs frequent maintenance tasks (such as ordering replacement light bulbs)? With just a few keystrokes in E-commerce, the work is done, saving you time and energy.

As a contractor, savvy use of E-commerce to arrange for material delivery could mean your trucks log less miles- saving you energy, fuel, time, and money, as well as reducing vehicle maintenance and downtime.

Don't overlook this opportunity! You can register for an account easily - just click here! Be sure to have your CapitalTristate account number and your email address handy!

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