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Emergency Opening Service

CapitalTristate's Emergency Opening Service Program Available 24/7. Call 1-866-234-9471.

Ever find yourself in need of CapitalTristate stocked items, wire cutting and/or delivery outside our normal business hours? Call our toll free Emergency Opening Service Program number and get connected to your nearest CapitalTristate On-Call staff member. We are available day and night to get you what you need, when you need it!

For a standard fee, our Emergency Opening Service Program is available for CapitalTristate customers outside of normal business hours.

We offer the following Emergency Opening Services:

  • Material Sales
  • Wire Cutting
  • Delivery

A live answering service takes your info and contacts the CapitalTristate On-Call employee who within minutes contacts you back and opens any one of our CapitalTristate branches to serve your needs. Proof of company affiliation is required prior to Emergency Opening.

Weekends, Evenings, & Holidays.  Standard Fees Apply.

To reach our Emergency Opening Service call toll-free: 1-866-234-9471