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Video Tutorials

Navigating our website doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn how to Register online, download our mobile app, create a Saved List and more with our Video Tutorials.

Register Online/Download App

Learn how to register online and download our mobile app, plus see what to do if you forget your password.

Search and Navigate

Get help with locating products and adding filters to refine your search.

View Product Details

See where to view detailed product information.

Create Saved Lists

Use lists to help save time and streamline your online ordering.

Checkout Online

Learn how to place an order online with our website.

Process Quotes

Get help with managing your active and expired quotes from our website or mobile app.

Mobile App basics

Learn how to navigate our mobile app for ordering, creating saved lists, viewing quotes and more.

Mobile: Homepage Features

Tour the homepage of our mobile app.

Mobile: Find A Branch

Learn how to find the branch closest to you or any of our branch locations.

Customized Search

Our search results include an indicator for previously purchased items.  You can filter on those items if you choose.

Frequently Purchased Items

View a list of the top 50 items you have purchased both on and offline including how many times you have purchased each item.

Opened Invoiced Orders

View all open orders and orders that have not fully been invoiced yet.  Click on any order to get the order details.

Product Information

View real-time inventory at your branch or any of our branches, pricing information and much more.

Updated Search

View our updated search feature