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Digital Solutions

CapitalTristate offers a complete suite of digital solutions designed to make your job easier.

Our website and mobile app allow you to order products quickly and efficiently with just a few simple steps. This helps you reduce the cost of procuring material, which streamlines your overall procurement process.

11 Benefits of CapitalTristate's Website & Mobile App

  • We're NEVER closed – use our website and app 24/7
  • Quickly find what you are looking for
  • View your contracted stock and job pricing
  • Easy access to all of your job/project quotes
  • Reorder items from your past order history
  • View your frequently purchased items (Top 50)
  • Place an order for pickup at any of our locations
  • Order placement until 7pm for next day delivery or will call pick up
  • Ship to your shop or direct to your job
  • Easily reconcile your orders by viewing all open orders or invoices
  • Create personalized shopping lists for quick and easy ordering

Save Time, Use our CapitalTristate's Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to search, browse and order products – anywhere your job takes you.  Access branch information, including hours and contacts, and find the closest branch from your current location using turn-by-turn navigation.

Quickly and Effectively Order Products with Scan Search

CapitalTristate’s Scan Search barcode scanner feature allows customers to quickly reorder products with just two simple steps on our mobile app - scan and order.  Your CapitalTristate sales rep can print individual labels to place on bins, or a page of labels to place in a booklet, for easy access from your desk. Scan in various locations, including storerooms, jobsites, service vans and more, for flexibility.  Use scan search to eliminate manual entry, avoiding data entry errors. By ordering with just a scan, you let your phone do all the work!

Don’t Have an CapitalTristate Account?

You must have an account with CapitalTristate to be able to view pricing and order online, as well as use the mobile app.  If you don’t have an account, don’t worry! You can easily set up an account quickly.

Please fill out the form below and we will set you up with an account so you can start enjoying all the benefits of our digital solutions.